January 11th

Blizzards, garbage, Thai Food and gun men…

…not necessarily in that order.

So after getting over the shock of what the heck is happening today– fucking WALMART selling bullets to fully crazed lunatics in Arizona (yes, no guns allowed in Nordstroms, but everywhere else OK),

I’m like what the hell’s is going to happen after tonight’s blizzard?  Has the world gone mad?  Perhaps.  Garbage piled all over NY City (No pun intended), WalMart Killers and I’m like “I REALLY NEED A DRINK.”

So I go into the local Thai restaurant, (one block away from home) and I engage in a rather long and thoughtful conversation with the youngish bartender (who has a 3 year old son) and despite the fact that she has been her for 10 years, i can barely understand her, but one thing is clear.  It doesn’t matter if you live on the upper east side, or in Queens, or if your job is a lawyer or a bartender in a Thai restaurant, making it work as a working mother is HARD.  So, I’m thinking I’m going to help this mom out by giving her the URL for Mitchell Lama buildings in NY and she’s like “I don’t lent” and sorry to say I’m thinking that she doesn’t lend her money to anyone or something like that and until she repeats that it is too expensive to lent, she OWNS, I’m like (to myself of course,)  “i am an Ivy Educated girl from Jersey and I don’t friggin’  OWN.   What is the world coming to?  So between it all, I surely hope we don’t get buried under this friggin’ pile of garbage come the morning or worse, get shot up by a sanitation worker who decides Bloomberg is to blame for everything and wow, 2011 has sure come in with a positive bang, hasn’t it?

Alas, I ramble.  The Thai, by the way was very good.  So was the Cosmo Jane made me.  Yes, Jane.

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