June 26th

Bitch Post: Week 2

So this weeks Bitch Posts are even more fantastic than last week’s. Keep ‘em coming. I know you have them. Stored up inside you. And if you WIN, do I need to repeat myself? A $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE to a shrink, drink, or well, let’s keep it a shrink or drink near you. It’s FREE. What do you care? Lara at laraslousylife.com. If your bitch is submitted, send it to all your friends so they vote for YOU. OK, it’s cheating but who cares?

I HATE GIANT ROACHES…giant motha fucka cockroaches. Especially when dinner is costing $100 per person. In the city. Outside on a warm summer’s eve.

I REFUSE TO PAY TO PEE. I would like to know, in GOD’S name, why I should be forced into giving someone a dollar to hand me a paper towel. With that kind of expense, I think they should be doing a LOT more. LIKE wiping.

WHY DO SALES PEOPLE STAY ON THE PHONE WITH PERSONAL CALLS when I am waiting for them to help me. I am fed up with going into stores and finding this happening time and time again. Grrrrr. (Editor’s note: If it keeps happening, try brushing with Crest)

EVERYWHERE I LOOK PEOPLE TREAT THEIR DOGS LIKE CHILDREN. I mean WHAT is THAT? The next thing you know, they will be putting their dogs into diapers, feeding them baby food, and taking them to pediatricians.

WHAT REALLY ANNOYS ME is this new thing gas station attendants are doing. It’s like with the increase in gasoline, came the DECREASE in service. Now, they want you to OPEN the passenger side window, talk through the passenger side, and HAND THEM YOUR CREDIT card through the passenger side. Like, what happened to coming to the DRIVER’S side? Is it TOO FAR to walk now that gas is so expensive? So, I just say my passenger side is BROKEN. Hope they’re not spitting in the tank.

So everyone, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Start getting ready for November. Or not.

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