April 17th

Barack, Hillary or John…I Will Vote for You If…

So after my extremely STRESSFUL week dealing with ITCHING, and the fact that I am going to LA today for vacation, (yes, I am going to LA and I like it. So shoot me) I really couldn’t think of much to write. I am drained. Nothing like politics to keep the old brain going. So, those running for office, heed the below: What you need to CHANGE to get MY vote:

Numero uno:


Numero dos:


And mucho importante, numero tres:


There ya have it. Forget about health care, race relations, Osama bin Whatever, taxes, job security, homeland security, social security, and whatever nonsense you keep lying about. Oh come on, you know I am right. They are all lying. Let’s keep all of this in perspective about what is REALLY important. Really.

See ya in LA LA land! I can’t wait. California here I come!

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