December 13th

A truly Bloomingdales Christmas

So, it is my most favorite time of year to go to Bloomingdales, because it is there, without guilt, I am truly able to enjoy the most wonderful X-mas decorations in the city.  And, since they also have the best Hanukah candles anywhere (beeswax and all that), I make it a tradition to go, once a year with Bella to enjoy the festivities.  But, this year, since Bella had LOADS AND LOADS of homework (or she just didn’t feel this was any longer a cool think to be doing), I made my annual trek with my friend Tina.

So we get to the store and I’m totally in awe of the latest and greatest Obama decoration (I mean, what will them come up with next??)  And then there is this fantastic poodle (I almost bought for the Hanukah bush, but for $24, decided to pass)

And then there was this and this:

And I’m like, “where are the Hanukah candles, this is HOLIDAY decorations, right”.  And the sales girl says, “well, there over on the other side of the escalator”. And I peer down toward the escalator, and I walk toward the escalator, and I still can’t find them (but I do get the free delicious chocolate they are handing out) and finally I come to this:

And now I feel under represented like  the brethren in my building, and I’m like really?  THIS is HANUKAH?  And then I notice the 40% off sign, and I’m thinking, at $14 a box, a Bloomingdale’s Hanukah ain’t that bad.

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