June 15th

Father’s Day 2014

wow. 11 years of father’s days.
have passed without you here.
but know dear dad the words you taught,
Still echo in my ear.

I think of all your loving ways,
your imperfections too.
But mainly how you never gave up
And you always followed through.

You always had a zest for life
With all it’s hills and valleys
And when the going started getting rough
Your strength always rallied.

So just know on this Father’s Day
Your philosophies still guide me.
“love what you do, and it’s never work,
your passion sets you free.”

So thank you dad for everything,
for the woman you helped me be.
One tiny thing I wish …

January 17th

Happy Birthday Dearest Dad

Dear Dad,

It’s your birthday,
Not sure what else to say.
I miss you very much every day.
Loving wishes sent your way.

I know this note is kind of brief.
Death stole you from us like a thief
And though I’m no longer mired in grief.
I know you’re here- that’s my belief.

Always thinking about you
For you
With you.

Happy birthday dearest dad.
Your ever lovin’ Lara.