January 29th

Suny Purchase: Paradise found. Or lost. Let’s see.

So today, I went with Bella (oh my GOD soon to be 18 and a college freshman– are you FRIGGIN’ KIDDING ME??) to Suny Purchase to which I was thrilled that she got accepted because not only is it a great arts school, writing school and only 45 minutes from the city, but AFFORDABLE too.

So, I, like the old farty mom that I am, go up to a kid and say, “where is the Student Union”, and he’s like “um, student union?  I don’t think we have one of them.” I clarify, “student center” and he says OH, the STEW.  …

January 27th

Enough with the winter fuc!ing wonderland!

January 23rd

Lara’s Lousy Movie Review: Company Men

So I gotta say, usually I am not running to anything with Ben Afleck in it.  I am not sure how he and Matt Damon got so paired up, because in terms of acting, Ben can’t hold a candle to Matt, much less a movie role, but he is adorable, in an annoying Boston accent kind of way.  (But I do want to know, why all of Ben’s movie’s of late those put on South B. accents?  I go there all the time and have yet to hear anyone say pak the ca in the ga– well what ever.)  Back to …

January 22nd

Freak, eeky stairwell– the large view

Enough said. Hmmm, I looked at the last post of a daily, and it too was a large drop. Am I trying to tell you something? Or just into rustic metal cement structures?

January 22nd

Freaky, eeky stairwell

So, listen, this is the stairwell outside my gym. I think it’s to give you an out if, once you’ve spent the last hour staring at all your rumples and bumples in the mirror as you fight with the eliptical and you decide life is no longer worth living, it’s right there in front of you. The way to end it all.  Click to see the larger view.

January 17th

Daddy mine

Tonight I watched the tele show,
About a man, his life did blow.
He writes about how he hurt his kid,
He can’t believe what he did.
And I can’t help but think,
How  life would be in the pink,
If you were still  at home,
Today I’d ring your phone.
You’d never do what Hank Moody did
All your kindness is what you’d give.
Because of you, I am me,
And of you, I think, constantly.
In every part of every day,
I often wonder what you’d say.
Your voice still echoes in my brain,
That “don’t get mad, get even” sayin’.
But anyway alas I stray,
I just wanted to say Dad,
Happy Birthday.

Your ever lovin’ …

January 16th


Something about the name of this restaurant makes me not, definetly NOT want to eat here. It’s like what kind of meat are they serving? Ya know?

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