February 7th

Dark energy, snow. Dark energy. Snow. Read on.

As if I am not neurotic enough already, I was watching Discovery tonight, in order to get my educational mojo and guess what??  Our galaxy, NOT earth but our entire GALAXY is going to be destroyed by DARK ENERGY.  So, even though they say this is going to be millions of years in the future, that means that when you get re-incarnated for the  gazillionth time, and The Dark Energy Force comes, you are going to be dead and gone for good baby.  Just the thing I needed to end Monday night.  How about you?  Feel better NOW about all …

February 6th

Suburban snowpile

The reason I have never left the big dirty apple. It may be black but at least you can jump over those little nasty piles that are still left! Try doing that here!

February 4th

Word and insemination: it just goes together

So, if you are a teen living somewhere in the heart of the Urban Jungle, “WORD“, means, um something like,
1) well said
2) said in a agreement
3) can be used as a greeting, hey whats up
1..and 2…You goin to that rocks tanite….word

But if you are the newly pressed CEO of a company that still writes their own legal docs, well, Word ™ is that God awful software produced by Microsoft that no one else has figured out a better solution to, so you still use it for contracts, proposals, etc. But there is a big problem with Word ™ especially if you are …

February 2nd

Wonderful Wednesday: Things I am thankful for in order of appearance

1) Trader JOES: A little bit of LA has come to NYC. Check out gals there are actually NICE, and smiling and call me ma’am (well, that I don’t like so much) but the price and the LA ‘tude is something the cab drivers can learn from. (Plus I friggin’ HATE how big and nasty Whole Foods has become. They don’t give a crap anymore).
2) $1.99 Glass of wine. OK, buy the whole bottle, drink the whole bottle. Or at …

February 1st

Can anyone get off Facebook

Really? You HAVE to check FB in the elevator?? Why on gods earth does this bug me so much? But then again, why am I compelled to post a blog on it. Sosdd.

February 1st

Awash with color.

Now that’s advertising.  In a rush, but this wall called me into the store.  Clothes…just like the wall.

January 30th

Connecticut, here I come. Or not.

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