December 25th

just one little bite please!!!

December 25th

Merry X-Mas? WPIX what are you thinking?

IF this is supposed to be festive, um guess again WPIX. Can’t be anything more depressing than a fake log burning on my TV. Merry, happy whatever.

December 24th

Christmas puppies

And I can’t even get Chloe to poop on the paper perfectly.

December 24th

We eat Chinese food on Christmas…

Nothing scarier, not even Halloween IV,  than a bunch of hungry Jews on Christmas at the only Chinese restaurant in the teeny town of Huckenschmuck New Jersey.

And nothing says it better than this video–so good, I had to re-post.

December 17th

Cutest ever puppy story

It’s that time of year folks.  Who can resist??