September 11th

September 11, 2010

The bars are noisy,
They watch the games,
My windows are open,
I’m filled with shame.

For unlike years past,
When sadness was abound,
Today flew by,
With littleĀ  sound.

I didn’t watch the goings on,
911 TV,
Not that I didn’t want to remember,
I was just too busy.

So tonight as I got ready for bed,
I peaked out the window,
And saw instead,
Those two beams of light,
Touching the sky,
Reminding me of all who had died.

I’m happy to know
New York’s life has gone on.
Except for those who’ve lost
A wife, husband, daughter or son.

And now I give pause,
Because I do remember,
Those who’s lives
We …