August 26th

Maybe I thought I wasn’t good enough for you…


…The best line in Degrassi in tonight’s finale by Drew (to his girlfriend) as to why he cheated on her  with a boiler room tryst.   Or maybe, just maybe he just wanted a blow job from the sizzling hot girl who offered.  (Teenage hormones and all that).  They sure didn’t make TV shows like that when I was a teen. In fact, this show makes Desperate Housewives look like Barney.  But who am I to comment?

The other woman

August 26th

Been there. Done that. But Bella BETTER NOT.

One Night Stand from Jack Tew on Vimeo.

August 2nd

Newport folk fesitval

So, I’m not big into GET THE MAN crap and all that jazz (no pun intended) but this weekend at the Newport Folk Festival, (for which I battled 6 friggin’ hours of traffic on the Connecticut Freeway -it’s only supposed to take three) with my mother telling me to TURN AROUND and come home (every 30 minutes or so on the cell — maybe because I kept calling her and telling her I was in friggin’ bumper to bumper and I don’t know what to do) and by the time I finally got to the festival to see one of …