May 31st

Halfway there and Memorial Day memories, 2010

And suddenly I find myself in that weird age group called middle aged. Somewhere between this:

and this:
I still more or less feel like this:

So when that AARP thing came in the mail box I’m,  ”like who the fuck you mailing to, ME??  I don’t think so.”  But I particularly got to thinking this weekend (about age and such) when I should have been thinking things Memorial (which I …

May 20th

Lara’s Love Life: Part I don’t know what –I found him…or so I thought

So, things haven’t been so friggin’ bad for a struggling startup CEO.  I’ve been happy for a change.  But busy.  Too busy to write, to post, and dear internet I’ve MISSED you!  but then again… it’s not like I’m off line or anything, but alas, I digress.

So, in all our expansive expansion, we are moving into a REAL office– not just the fake, Micro Office setup which isn’t bad.  To start off.  But, we’re moving across the street and upon my exam of the new space I saw him