February 24th

Why I want to work at Twitter

A great environment
1) It’s very open

2) has tones of windows

3 and beyond) workspaces, whiteboards-a-plenty, and just the right amount of meeting space. We provide the best equipment money can buy, offer free breakfast and lunch, and a fully-stocked kitchen where we compost and recycle.
I must, must, MUST get a job there.  I can’t compost in Manhattan and I’ve been looking for a reason to move.

February 24th

Rainy days and Tuesdays…

Far away, it was adorable.

Closer, priceless.  From up there, ain’t nothing wrong with a little rain.

February 9th

French fries and snow…just go with me here


So, tonight I go into the local restaurant and I sit by my solitary, drinking my glass of sparkling Shiraz (delish) and veggie burger salad very proud and all that despite the fact I am still busting out of my jeans from this weekend’s gluttony. (yeah, yeah, I know, Spark People and all that, but whatever) and I notice that right next to me is this girl with a ginormous plate of fries and she is NOT eating them. And I’m all, “so impressed that you are not eating your …