November 21st

The cost of doing business

I couldn’t believe that by the time I got out of the house today at 4PM the sun was already starting it’s downward dog. But alas, (I was motivated after reading an article that Brazilians stay thin by eating lots of vegetables) to visit the Union Square farmers market to get those last fresh fall apples (and brownies and whole wheat bread) and one of my favorite things, goat cheese. I happen to favor one especially creamy and delicious brand Lynn Haven Farms.  And me (being me) trying to build up my business asks Lynn herself, …

November 20th

Two year old delivers baby

Now if that ain’t the way to save us all about $2000.  Truly amazing.  And I can’t even get Bella to make her bed.  Go figure.  I guess they do it differently down south.

Embedded video from CNN Video

However, it bothers me a tad that the doctors didn’t know it was a boy. Where was his wee-wee during all those sonograms? I guess medicine …

November 15th

New York or LA: worst place to raise a teenage daughter

It’s been ages and ages I know. But that’s what happens when you become a CEO, little did I know, you become a slave to your business. At first, I was like, no more frowns in the morning, no more frowns at night. Because I work for myself, no one left to fight. Hmmmm. Something like that. Well anyway, I diverge from the topic which, was brought up because, one of my fav shows (Californication–if you haven’t watched it, you should ) has a dilemma…his baby mama (let’s say teenage daughter mama) has moved from …