October 3rd

Actually, there is an 11th sign the world has gone mad:

The fact that people who drug and rape 13 year olds should be allowed to go free if:

They win the academy award or the Palme d’Or
they direct fantastic movies,
if the event happened so long ago, the now 43 year old victim is over it
If Whoopie Goldberg says it wasn’t really a “rape, rape”
That, and the fact that the potential rapist has been on the lam so long should completely neutralize the drugging and raping of the potential 13 year old mentioned above.

Yes, the world is gone mad.

October 2nd

David Letterman and the top 10 signs it’s a world gone mad

10: Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper/rapist might be found as not “fit for trial” and therefore who knows if he will get the punishment he deserves.

9. Another horrible criminal case: Casey Anthony’s attorney found crucial evidence tainted and is asking for the murder charges to be dropped.

8. Americans are more upset about the fact that Chicago did not get the Olympics than the fact the Obama didn’t make good headway in Iran.

7. Women actually had SEX with David Letterman. And it’s the front page news despite the …