July 30th

The end of the world?

What happens if there’s no cell phones,
If Blackberries disappear,
If texting becomes extinct,
If no iPhones launch this year?

What happens if Facebook vanishes,
If Google goes away,
If the AIM man went a running,
If Yahoo went out to play?

What happens if all viruses
Were Just colds, or aches and flus?
Or if everyone who tweeted,
All share the exact same views?

What happens if suddenly,
All laptops start to freeze,
If all MACs had a heart attack,
If all PC hard drives seize?

What happens if forever,
Explorer vanishes from sight.
If Mozilla just stops working,
And Safari gives up the fight.

If your email no …

July 26th

My wedding march if I ever get married again

So, over 7 million people watched this wedding march for a few simple reasons: 1) it made you laugh 2) it made you cry 3) we are all jealous 4) if you have a big wedding party, learn how to not bore your whole congregation to tears. Too bad everyone doesn’t send them a dollar as wedding gift. Hell 50 cents would do!

July 17th

fear, no TERROR of flying

So, as many of you know, I am TERRIFIED to fly. I haven’t always been this way but perhaps it’s because I’m a single mother…I worry about Bella if something happened to me. Not that she doesn’t have a dad, grandma and aunties. Well, maybe that’s WHY I’m worried. Or maybe its because there’s been no less than 6 major crashes, YES SIX, this year. The most recent 3 unresolved.

At any rate, my anxiety is so high, that it starts the night before with thoughts like, “maybe this time is the last time I am …

July 10th

What’s up with Google’s pic?

Harry Potter Day?

July 10th

The lucky Kenneth Cole sandal. Just my luck.

So last week I was walking down 5th Avenue and saw this large crowd going into Kenneth Cole, and I’m thinking, “what are they giving away some wine or something?”. I go in and they are serving wine, and everything today is 30% OFF. Today only. So am I LUCKY or what?

I go in under the pretense of checking it all out, (I really just wanted a glass of chardonnay) but after a glass, things started looking really cheap. So I start trying on shoes and find a pair I really LOVE (and I …

July 2nd


Ok, I admit it. I am a media sales person. And I also admit, the worst part? Negotiation. So FINALLY, a perfect film, of the if, ands, whys and why nots of selling, so perfect I had to post it.