February 26th

The Magic Tie

I’m sorry…this was so funny it had me laughing out loud. I know. I am a loser.

February 24th

Living well on less

So today, I was watching a few morning shows, and since each is as equally boring as the next, I landed on CBS’s Early Show when they announced simple ways to save a LOT of money. I mean, who WOULDN’T stop there? And they go on to announce that, yes just as I thought, I was wasting a LOT of money, gobs and gobs infact, by using too much shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner, sunscreen AND moisturizer. Like couldn’t believe that in fact, on an annual basis, I could save at least …

February 8th

Bedroom boredom

They say that a little bit of folate and zinc could go a long way to spice up your sex life.  Maybe I should try that instead of Jdate?  I want to know, will folate and zinc send me The Bachelor?  I guess it’s worth a shot.  Isn’t it?  Duane Reade, here I come. 

February 6th

And the beat goes on

Jennifer Anniston admitted today that she “got a little teary” over finding a long gray hair. I hate to be there when she sees her first wrinkle. Oh wait. She’s already got those. Now, I confess I’m none too happy about my wrinkles, my gray hair, or my fucking cellulite. But I wouldn’t go on National television, with all my $millions, and confess to an unemployed nation that a long gray hair made me teary. Unless of course, I was JUST JOKING. Ya think??


February 5th

The Week In Review

So, this has been a really strange week in terms of news. Really strange.

First the good news. Obama admitted he made a mistake. Then the bad news. He made a mistake…not two weeks into his presidency. Hmmm. Is this a harbinger of things to come? It’s like with Bella. She admitted she shoplifted. That’s the good thing. But, shoplifting? That’s the bad thing. I’m not exactly sure where this is going, except that I’m pretty sure, it’s a little too soon into the new presidency to be making …