December 31st

Lara bakes…kinda

So tonight, I am going over to a friend’s house, and I thought, what better way to show my love and appreciation than to bake?  I mean anyone can purchase cake, right? Chocoholic that I am, I found Death by Chocolate and I’m like, this looks AWESOME.  But then, after reading about all the beating, and whisking, mixing and melting, I’m like who the F&ck wants to DIE anyway??  Nothing like a good ‘ol Duncan Hines Brownie Mix.  So I go to the store and after reading the box, find there are way too many ingredients I can’t pronounce .  …

December 20th

To all my friends in California…

…Stop posting your friggin’ weather reports.

Need I say more???? You know who you are.

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The cutest. Makes having a Blackberry worth it.

December 20th

The cutest bullies ever

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December 20th

Cutest bullies ever

Sometimes your Blackberry captures something that is too cute to forget.

December 20th

Star Wars Phantom Menace Review

Sorry about the Facebook re:book, but this is hysterical.  Besides, what else is there to do in a snowstorm??

December 19th

Another reason to switch to trillion

Tiger on my aim.  Why, oh WHY??

December 16th

Paid for not showing up

Are you kidding me??  This is a job I would like to have.  No, LOVE to have!  But, however, I would think once or twice or three times BEFORE ordering any kind of equipment from Avaya.  But then again, how stupid was Armatys to try and withdraw money from a 401k??  As my 3rd grade teacher would say, “e- gads and little fishes.”  (I would say, fuggin’ asshole.)

Anthony Armatys is facing up to six years in prison for his dumb move. But he’s not the only dummy in this …

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