December 31st

Lara’s Love Life: Part III– Sex on New Year’s Eve

So, in an attempt to get lucky on New Year’s Eve, I did, I admit, join an Online Dating Service, which shall remain un- named, but it starts with a J and ends with Date. So, last night, with much anticipation, I log on and very excitedly, notice my MESSAGE BOX blinking. And I think, “this is an omen. This is it. My New Year’s date. But, of course, my life and my luck, here’s the message that I got:

So, I’m thinking that the omen may actually one of three …

December 19th

How low should they go?

Really? REALLY?  You can purchase these jeans from Sanna’s Shop for about $88

December 17th

My Song: Otherwise known as THE MOM SONG

This is the most hysterical thing I have ever seen. If you haven’t already, here it is.

December 10th

The Sock

We buy them. They are expensive. The washing machine eats them. But we still have lots of socks left. They look like this:

That’s correct. ONE in every color. But there is ONE matching pair left. They look like this:

Sometimes we find the missing sock:

And sometimes…we don’t.

December 3rd

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

As the year draws to an end, it’s not only time for holiday madness, but time to get rid of all that Flexible Spending Medical Account and make all those doctors visits, that you’ve been, well DREADING. (After all, who wants to get hit with those Out of Network deductibles the first month of the year.?) So, while you dread, you might as well make that phone call to the Worst, Worstiest, doctor of all. But first, see if you recognize the signs (click for audio version!) : The Worstiest Doctor of All

December 2nd

Weightwatchers Tool: How cool is this!!!

Look at this fun tool from Weightwatchers. Of course, they are trying to sell you their products, duh.