October 21st

You Call This Art?: Part III

When I was young, they called this a tree house. But, that was, like, a very long time ago. I am clearly in the wrong business.

October 20th

Rats. Really?

Ok, so I’m walking by my favorite Cosi Sandwich store on Park Avenue, and I see a new site. This gigantic blow up toy. And it’s not a doll. Nope. It’s not. And I really don’t think, I like what it stands for, especially outside the place that I eat lunch. Every day. Nope, I don’t like it. Not one little bit.

October 20th

Boyfriend Advice, Part II: Maybe I Should Take My Own

I am trying really, really hard to lose those 10 pounds that I’ve gained over the past three years while working at the God Damn health food company. And, believe it or not, I’ve not only cooked at home three days in a row, and CUT OUT THE WINE (Except for Friday and Saturday), but I’ve actually worked out three times too. So tonight, I prepare dinner, then tell Bella that I am going up to the gym to do stairmaster (or whatever the hell they call them now) for 1/2 hour. And she’s like, “whatever”. …

October 20th

Who Should I Vote For?

With only 2 weeks away until election day, a clear cut vision has not come to me in who would make the best president. So, without embarrassing myself on the who, what or why, I figured, one last time, internet, who in tarnation should I vote for? It’s up to you. (Hey, I may leave in a swing state, so be careful who you pick)

October 17th

Boyfriend Advice

So I just might not be the best advice giver to my teenage daughter. But ya can’t say it’s not for trying. Bella has, well, in the olden days you’d say it was a crush, on a boy, (older I might add) who may or may not like her but these days it’s hard to tell because, I’ve been told, teenagers don’t date (which I don’t get) but WHATEVA. And tonight, she was depressed because she can’t tell if he likes her or not. So me, being me, helped her make this list, on a napkin, …

October 14th

Lara’s Love Life: Part II– The Ultimate Bad Boy

I just can’t help it. And I know that every grown, almost grown and partially grown female has the same distinct failure… attraction to the Bad Boy. But, he’s not ALL bad. He’s just deep..very deep. We can’t read his mind, but he can read ours. He knows our every thought, our every desire. And he’s strong, he’s there to protect us. And sensitive. But he’s just not available. Or at least not completely available. And of course, he’s got his faults. Like, maybe, he …

October 13th

the iPod life: all you need is a good soundtrack

So, forever, it has annoyed me that the good citizens of New York, turn on, tune up, and tune out (i.e. the minute they leave their ever lovin’ apartments, they stick i-plugs in their ears to block out, well THE SOUNDS OF LIFE, for godssakes). Which means that, let’s say, a HUGE mack truck is honking at them as they step into the street. They don’t hear it ’cause the White Stripes is blasting, and well, they are now dead because the truck hit them. Which is really annoying because the ambulance that comes roaring down …

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