September 27th

He hit the car and drove away, but not after some direction

Untitled from Lara Dean on Vimeo.

A day late, and a dollar short.  Yep, he got away with, about $1000 of damage. At least.

September 27th

Barama, JoMain. I just gotta know.

So, I watched the debates. And I gotta tell you, to the disdain of all New Yorkers, I have to say I am unconvinced. By either of them. How about you??

September 26th

Facebook Addiction: FBA

So, I have to say, at my ripe old age, I have yet to figure out this addiction to Facebook. Although I will say I am trying to convince Bella that Mark Zuckerberg, the 24 year old billionaire founder of the site, (and only 9 years older than she) is a perfect match (rather than the long haired slacker boy she currently has her sight set on). I have been told by various sources that his personality is kind of “blah”, but um, I’m like, WHO REALLY GIVES A F*&K ABOUT THAT when you’re worth $1.5 billion? …

September 25th

Friday Update: Six Thoughts for Making It Through Today

1) Despite working at a weight loss company, I still continue to pack on the pounds. Stress, age, lack of exercise, and I AM NOT TRYING AT ALL. Mainly due to stress and no motivation. The chocolate cake looks too good.

2) I still can’t figure out if it’s Barack or McCain, since I really don’t like either much and now, with the exception of one Catholic friend who would vote Republican even if Jesus came back as a Democrat, all my friends are more or less in the same boat. And frankly, I really …

September 22nd

Facebook, et al

So, the question of the night is, should I really be blogging when my computer is doing a disk cleanup? Probably not. But the bigger question is, what does it mean to be popular today? And do I really care? It’s like, Friday, when I was sitting at my cube (yes, I STILL SIT IN A FRIGGIN’ CUBE SO SUE ME), and there they went. The popular kids. I mean, those folks who everybody likes. Or pretends to like. Laughing and …

September 12th

get codes


September 11th

NY, NY it’s my kinda town

So, I know I haven’t posted in ages and ages, but what with being out on vacation for two weeks (yes, I went to France) and Bella in the hospital for two weeks after that (she is coming home tomorrow) I thought I’d start out slowly, posting again, after landing with a thud back to earth. As you can imagine, it’s been a trying (VERY TRYING) time and so tonight I went out for drinks with a work friend to a very expensive and not so good restaurant downstairs from my office (at 8:30)–Sorry 11 Madison, I don’t care …