August 22nd

And the price is…

No, it’s only blurry cause I took it from my cell phone. Your eyes are not deceiving you.

August 16th

Death of a Cell Phone: Part II (aka–I really, REALLY hate Verizon Wireless)

…and so do many hundreds, NO THOUSANDS of others. And I know this because I just spent my last Saturday in NY in a Verizon Wireless store listening to all the other angry customers. So, last week, I get my “refurbished MOTOKRZR” and guess what? It STOPS WORKING altogether when I’m on my trip to Chicago while Bella is having a nervous breakdown about the Mt. Vesuvius on her face and I have 24 hours to go before I get home. In a way, it’s better and someone else can deal with her …

August 14th

Chicago, Chicago, it’s my kind of town

So, I was in Chicago this week, an awfully awesome city. And this guy from Nashville says, after you ma’am, are you going to Nashville too? And I’m like nope, New YORK. And he says, “wow, the big city. I wasn’t impressed with Chicago.” And I can’t figure out why this guy from Nashville, land of hush puppies and fried food and fried food isn’t impressed with Chicago, so I say, well I AM, (mainly because I just came from lunch where I ate …

August 14th

Laras Lousy Play List

Oh my God, how awesome is this? You can do it too! If I can, ANYONE CAN!

August 10th


So Bella has OCD. Or at least, what I think is OCD. Well, let’s put it this way. Anytime she gets one tiny pimple or two or five (and it’s really NEVER MORE than five), it is cause for alarm, consternation, and multiple trips to Duane Reade for Clearasil, or calls to the Dermatologist, and, at the very least, at least 40 conversations about the mountainous puss spewing dots upon her face, all within a 12 hour day. Which has caused me to drink at least one if not two or five glasses of …

August 10th

Garbage Can Eatery

I know I am not the only one who does this. Dump food in the garbage…so you don’t pig out and eat the whole goddamn chocolate cake. And then. Reconsider. All those starving children in Africa. I KNOW I am not the only one.


August 10th

The Hottest Guy

7PM SUNDAY NIGHT: Bella is watching a movie. On her iPod. 1″x1″ screen. (This took 1 hour to download, btw and cost me $4, but she hasn’t complained about her pimples for about 15 minutes, so it’s worth the money).

Bella: He is the hottest guy. EVER.
Me: I understand. I met my man.
Bella: You mean that short Italian guy we met in TJ Max?
Me: Yes.

3PM SUNDAY AFTERNOON: And it wasn’t just his accent. Shopping for a suitcase has never been like …

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